Error with blank juce 6 audio plugin project: "juce tut from juce docs.exe has triggered a breakpoint"

Hi C++ noob here, I already started programming a gain slider etc in Juce 5, but when I launch the basic audio plugin project in juce 6 this error occurs:
“juce tut from juce docs.exe has triggered a breakpoint.”

This is an assert. It is a programmers tool to “assert” that something is true, and cause a breakpoint in the debugger if the expression is false. We put these in our code to help us catch any illegal values during development. in your case, either success == false, OR newNumIns != getTotalNumInputChannels(), OR newNumOuts != getTotalNumOutputChannels(). I’d have to look at the context of the program to understand why the assertion is there, but, in general, an assertion means something is wrong, and needs to be fixed.

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