Example Demos Won't Build to Virtual Device (Pixel 2 API 24) When Sent From Projucer to Android Studio (3.5.1)

Hey everyone! Relatively new to coding, but just trying to follow along in tutorials online. However, I can’t seem to get any of the JUCE (5.4.5) example files to build when I launch the demos from Projucer into Android studio (3.5.1). I’m on a windows 10 Pro license, 64-BIT, with an Intel CPU (4790K). Anyone else have issues getting things to build when working with AS on a Windows PC? I followed the Android setup exactly.

The error I keep receiving during the building is … “juce_CharPointer_ASCII.h:37:7: error: redefinition of ‘CharPointer_ASCII’”.

This file is included from the following inclusion chain:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Hope to return the favor in the future. Cheers!

There is no #include statement on

in the original JUCE 5.4.5 code. This seems to mean that you made a change to this file. Please revert the code back to the original state and let us know whether you still have the same issue.

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I think the output is read in the opposite order, juce_core.cpp includes text/juce_String.cpp, not the other way round.

Nevertheless, it seems like there was indeed stuff manually included that wasn’t supposed to, the cpp shouldn’t end up compiled twice…

Also why the compiler points to the namespace beginning, is a very coarse pointer… nice IDE :frowning:

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