Examples of non-audio applications

Is there any source code showing the use of JUCE for developing non-audio applications?

It will be great to see another areas where JUCE is considered.

It only came to mind the TaskQueue by @matkatmusic. In an old post, an automotive project is mentioned. On the other hand, there is another discussion regarding game development feasibility.


JUCE’s DemoRunner contains many examples that are not audio related.

Projucer is also a large non-audio application whose source code is available.

Do you mean an example of mature projects not related to audio world at all?
Good question. :smile:
Don’t have any clue. And there everything seems from the audio industry.

I wrote a few commercial applications in JUCE which are (some partially) out of audio world. They are for medical devices, in embedded (for iMX6 and 8 processors) versions but also as standalone apps/viewers for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. I also wrote (and this was the biggest project from my non-audio JUCE projects) a transactional database server based on ValueTrees also for use with the mentioned medical devices. Of course, I was forced in few places to modify JUCE but it was due to some peculiarities of the embedded Linux I had to work with. No reason not to use JUCE for standard app development! And development practices don’t differ from those used for audio apps and plugins, I don’t think any special examples are needed, literally everything is in the DemoRunner.


I worked on a non-audio project along with @jellebakker, the software for x-IMU3 – x-io Technologies
The GUI is written with JUCE, and the core “API” layer that connects to the hardware is written in Rust.

Although it has some potential audio-related use cases the product itself does not deal with any audio.


The lighting controller for my DMX setup in the studio is written in JUCE :slight_smile:

And I’ve got a sticky notes app published on github somewhere.