Exception shown every time I start compiled app. May be bug


MSVC2015 Output:
JUCE v5.3.2
Exception thrown at 0x00007FF819CA606C (KernelBase.dll) in fasc_00100.exe: 0x800706B5: The interface is unknown.

After debug, found this:
JUCE\modules\juce_gui_basics\native\juce_win32_Windowing.cpp, line 1012, 1013

// make sure that the on-screen keyboard code is loaded
OnScreenKeyboard::getInstance(); // var name or if() missed?

Working on laptop (Win 8.1) without on screen k\b. Tried to comment this line - exception disappears. Thanks!


That exception is harmless, you can safely ignore the debug message.

The getInstance call instantiates a singleton (which fails in this case, but that’s OK).