Exception using createSysExMessage()

When calling

SysExMessage = createSysExMessage(const void *sysexData, int dataSize)

with dataSize >= 1024 and then calling sendMessageNow(SysExMessage), I get an exception in MidiMessage::getMessageLengthFromFirstByte (const uint8 firstByte) at the jassert (firstByte >= 0x80 && firstByte != 0xf0 && firstByte != 0xf7); and I see that firstByte is 0xF7 (the last byte of a system exclusive message).

When I call createSysExMessage() with dataSize = 1022 I don’t get the exception but my midi monitor (Midi Ox) does not seem to see it as a system exclusive message and does not display any data although I see the midi light on the midi interface lighting up as though data is being sent.

If I call createSysExMessage() with dataSize <= 1022, the message is sent ok. Is there a limit to the size of a system exclusive message when calling createSysExMessage()?

Update: I have determined the problem is not with the JUCE functions but probably with the internal software midi interface I’m using to pass midi data between software applications on the same laptop (LoopBe1). When I transmit data from the laptop to an external midi device, the transfer appears to be ok even with a large message.