Exceptionally rare crash in Image::BitmapData?

Disclaimer: This was seen with JUCE version 4.1.0 (the very last commit before v4.2.0), however the relevant bit of code that crashed appears to be the same in the current develop branch.

It’s not un common that I will leave something running on my machine overnight while attached to the debugger still, this might have contributed to the issue, being a debug build and the machine going to sleep in that time. However it seems after running for about 1hr 26mins with a a particular plugin that I’ve been working on for quite some time I hit a bad access in Image::BitmapData::BitmapData(), I’ve never seen it before and I wouldn’t be surprised if i never see it again, but I’ll test this every night for some time just to be sure.

I’ll include an image so you can see exactly where things have gone wrong, maybe someone on the JUCE team has a suggestion to what could have possibly happened here?