Expert needed! -Why is it not possible to display and bound an audio editor instance inside a viewport?

Hello, -anyone out there???
I’m really struggling with displaying an audio plugin editor instance of type ‘juce::AudioProcessorEditor’ inside an application child windows with a viewport, and it simply doesn’t work! The audio plugin editor is not bounded/clipped by the viewport bounds but instead it’s always fully shown and seems to be drawn as a topmost window. I have tried almost everything…Does anyone have a suggestion to how that can be solved or why the plugin editor cannot be controlled/clipped by a viewport?
-Hopefully some juce specialist will help me out here even though is a tricky one…
-I really could use some better documentation to be honest!!!
Best regards

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Did you add the AudioProcessorEditor window with Viewport::setViewedComponent()? I see no reason why it shouldn’t work while an AudioProcessorEditor is just another Component and as such it should work perfectly well together with Viewport.

Have you tried creating a simple class derived from Component to test with your viewport? Just override the paint() method, drawing a cross or circle or something and make the component double the size of your viewport and test.

Hi oxxyyd
Thanks for your feedback! Yes, I’m using the setViewedComponent(), and the other of my graphical components that is displayed together with the plugin are correctly displayed and also correctly bounded/clipped by the viewport when i scroll the application child window. So the viewport works fine, -just not for the plugin instance. Again thanks for your input!