Scrolling on big hosted plugin GUI

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working to integrate the GUI of hosted plugin inside the main windows of a host plugin, but I’m facing some problems.
I’m currently using a juce::DocumentWindow to contain the GUI of the hosted plugin which works fine to display the plugin entirely. But I start getting some weird behavior when I’m trying to display only some part of the hosted plugin, to be able to react correctly when the GUI of the hosted plugin is too big and messes up the interface of the host plugin.

I’ve looked to what other people have done to adapt to this problem, and I only found post on Juce forum either really old or unanswered.

The final objective would be to have something similar to the VIP plugin from Akai, to be able to scroll when the plugin hosted is too big.

I’ve tried several solution like using juce::Viewport to encapsulate the juce::AudioProcessorEditor, but the GUI of the plugin is totally displayed and not bounded by the juce::ViewPort, or using slider to move the juce::AudioProcessorEditor inside the juce::DocumentWindow without success (the portion of the hosted plugin in the juce::DocumentWindow was still the same).

I can’t see any way to achieve this objective using JUCE.
Has somebody else faced this problem and found a nice solution ?
Is there a way to use another framework to do whatever we want with the GUI of the hosted plugin before integrating it back to a juce::Component (or juce::DocumentWindow) ?

I hope someone will be able to help me on this, to give me some hints to be able to resolve this issue I’m facing.

Thanks for the time you will spend to help me in advance,

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