Exporting MIDI clips to the piano roll

Hello JUCE community!

I’m a novice Audio developer, and I’m currently working on a plugin for a project that builds chord progressions, much like Scaler 2. So far I’ve been able to generate progressions within the plugin itself, but I would love to extend this by integrating the progressions back to the Logic Pro X piano roll, so the MIDI information can be applied to any other synth/instrument. Anyone have any ideas on the best practice to implement such a feature?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is possible. I think the best solution might be to provide your users with the option of dragging the generated MIDI clip from your plugin to the piano roll.

p.s. alternatively you can output the MIDI data and record it to the piano roll in realtime?

when you mean MIDI clip I’m guessing it’s a generated file?

Maybe I’d have to configure Logic somehow, I can play the synth in the plugin but Logic doesn’t register the notes to the piano roll when recording. Are you aware of any settings that would allow MIDI output to flow to the piano roll?

When you say notes, do you mean MIDI notes? I think you have to make sure that the AU type you are using supports MIDI output, but I’m not expert.