How do I write midi notes to Logic? (midi plugin)

I am trying to use JUCE to write a plugin that will be able to write directly into the daw.

The ideal process would be:
Place my plugin on a synth track as midi fx.
plugin opens up, I click a button and a series of midi notes are written instantly inside of Logic, meaning i can go back in my daw and I see the notes, can alter them in Logic’s piano roll etc.
I did the tutorials, but couldnt find information for this specific problem.

You can’t do that directly. 2 methods for doing this:

  1. Drag and drop from your plugin to create a midi file which is then opened as a clip in Logic
  2. Output notes from the plugin and record them into Logic as it plays.

What @leehu said.

If you really need direct access, I suggest you look into the ARA SDK:


I actually just found this fork of JUCE with ARA support:

Would be so great if this could get integrated into JUCE eventually!