External Module Forum

Hi all, I am just in the process of creating a forum similar to this for my JUCE module and thought that it might be a better idea to create a single forum for all external JUCE modules (dRowAudio, STK, VFLib, Juced, extj_mobile etc.). That way we could keep discussions in a single place so users can stay up to date with advancements and ideas without flooding the JUCE boards with lots of nearly-non-JUCE related content and distracting Jules from more important tasks.

There could also be some general forums about module packaging, distribution, demos, collaboration etc. What do you guys think? I’m mainly aiming this at module authors but it would be nice to know if users would also be willing to sign up to a new forum. I’ve already got phpbb set up and ready to go on my website, just need to finalise the board structure if there are participants.

I think for this to work it has to be on the official juce forum (I.e. here). If you try to make a separate site for this you’ll get almost no users or traffic

Yeh, I do agree with you there but I don’t think its feasible to ask Jules to admin any number of potential external modules on this forum. I presume most checking of the forums is done with the “View new posts” link which just displays everything. There has already been some confusion where users have brought up some of my classes here without a drow:: namespace qualification.

I also think that there should be some degree of separation between the official JUCE modules and tools and external ones so as not to drag the quality of Jules’ work down and make it easier for users to discern the author. The alternative would be for every module author to run their own forum but I think this would reduce traffic and complicate issues to extreme levels.

Obviously there are far more JUCE users than external module ones but with the open source nature of these projects I think a public forum would be beneficial. At the moment I get quite a lot of emails and PMs with suggestions, questions on use etc. and having a forum would reduce a lot of duplicated replies and save everyone a lot of time.

If this takes off well I was going to request Jules puts a link to the forum somewhere on the site and maybe a blurb explaining the role of external modules. I think with enough modules we can build a fair user base to make this worth while and obviously point users there from this forum.

If you want a 3rd-party module forum section, I could add that…

Also don’t forget that the wiki pages are open for you to add content. The wiki’s been fairly neglected, so a bit more activity on there wouldn’t be unwelcome!

That would be good, I just didn’t want to bombard the boards with posts that don’t directly apply to you but of course if something sparks your interest your sage-like wisdom is always greatly received. The Wiki is an area that I have meant to pay some attention to but like all things finding the time is difficult.

I’m all for adding a 3rd party subforum but be warned, there won’t be much traffic as you expect

I’m not really after lots of traffic, just a consistant place to consolidate issues and suggestions.