Feature Request(s): MIDI output from Plugin Host, and StandaloneFilterWindow

I have been searching through this forum for some clues as to how to test Midi output of a plugin.  Seems that neither the Plugin Host, nor the StandaloneFilterWindow classes have Midi ouput support.  
There are threads pertaining to both these issues, with various people offering workarounds...



Will i need to create my own workaround too?  Or is there a possibility that the Juce team could add these features for everyone?  

cheers, Matt




Would love to add them if we had time!

But if anyone's done a nice modification that we could use with minimal cleaning up, let us know and we'll take a look!

My plugin uses an AudioProcessorGraph and MIDI in and out works fine in the Host with no mods.

Unfortunately Multi-Bus is broken with AudioProcessorGraph in JUCE 4.1 – and AudioProcessorGraph is not thread safe.


Yeah, should have explained it better. Midi output does work in the Host, but it’s just universal. There’s no midi out object like there is for midi in.