Feature request: shared memory class

HI Jules,

It would be great if you could put a new shared memory type class into your framework. Something that can use shm_open() etc in a user friendly way.

This is useful for cases where a “server” audio program needs to feed audio to clients - ( similar to Rewire etc ) …

I have a project where a standalone audio app needs to talk to one or more plugins sitting inside a vst/au host.


Dan Stenning

I agree, and I’ve thought about this a few times, just never had the time to sit down and do one!

I find it fascinating that Juce’s pipes & sockets are orders of magnitude faster than boost shared memory ! (We’ve tried both).

It would be so neat to have a Jule’s made implementation of shared mem, but I guess that it’s so OS-specific that it takes a while to implement. However, I really second this feature request !

I have some old RAM DIMMS from an external RAID I can share if you want shared memory.

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