Ff_meters is not smooth?

I’m trying using foleys meter and wow good job, but just 2 things:
It goes very crazy depending on the buffer size passed, so I write this line of code (even if buffer size is smaller):

void MeterExampleAudioProcessor::prepareToPlay (double sampleRate, int samplesPerBlock)
    meterSource.resize (getTotalNumInputChannels(), 0.01 * sampleRate / 4096);

I notice that meter in this example done by myself meter pass from a value to another without smoothing, is that something that I can fix with some options or this meter is not thought to be smoothed? maybe it could be improved with this feature? According to what I expect, when a bigger value is passed meter should not be smoothed, while if a smaller one is passed meter should be smoothed. (I was trying to do something by myself here:

And I was trying to use LinearSmoothedValue)