Is there any example of ff_meters?

I have been using the ff_meters for my new project.
I wrote code refer to ff_meters’s api documentation, but component was not visible.

is there any example of ff_meters?


Can you show an example of what you are doing? I haven’t used ff_meters but you might be doing a common juice error somewhere.

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Thanks for using ff_meters. There is no specific example at the moment.

Apart from the usual juce mistakes (addAndMakeVisible/resize), if you didn’t reset the LevelMeterSource to the number of channels, it won’t display anything.

Let me know if that helps.


I just loaded module and copy-paste main page of api documentation(

plz let me know how to reset LevelMeterSource, I thought linking LevelMeterSource to LevelMeter is automatically updates channel numbers, but is there any method which is not introduced in main page of api documentation?( is it setFixedChannels?

oh, I solved this problem. I missed resized callback function to draw meter component,

code is here (

thanks daniel, ff_meters is perfect plugin!

Perfect, glad it works now. Yes not setting the bounds of the Component is a common mistake, I forget it sometimes myself.

The resize in prepareToPlay is necessary, because it will allocate, so it cannot happen from measureBlock. I had it that way at the beginning (hence the warning), but that is unsafe.

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