File drag/drop broken in Vista?

Hi, we have an application which is built with Juce1.45 and file drag/dropping seems to be ‘broken’. No FileDragDropTarget method is called when hovering over a component implementing it. And it does work nicely on XP… (?)

also i’ve noticed this on linux… drag and dropping files in the juce windows doesn’t work on my gnome systems anymore.
can’t think of any reason since the linux component peer haven’t been changed so much…

On Vista I get the drop-not-allowed icon for the dropped files. It might be a UAC thing, but then again Jucer works on Vista. The IDropTarget functions in our appl never gets called. Any idea why it’d work in Jucer, but not our appl?

Indeed, I can drop files onto the application when using a non-admin user account. But with Jucer I can drop *.cpp files even in admin mode. What the !?

According to what I’ve ready, an app running at a lower security level can not pass data to an app running at a higher security level.

Yes, read that too. But then Jucer wouldn’t work either… :? Is there a way to specify for an app to always run at “normal user” security level? (without using any external startup apps such as “runas”)