Drag & Drop on Windows 7?

Has anybody tested JUCE on Windows 7? I’m getting reports that drag and drop of files from explorer to my app doesn’t work. I don’t have Windows 7, just wondering if it’s JUCE or my App.

I haven’t had any issues with juce on both 64 bit and 32 bit Windows 7 so far, but I don’t have no file drag and drop functionality in my application(I have image drag and drop). I will give it a shot in the evening.(I have 32 bit windows 7 at home)

i just switched from x32 to x64 (win7) and a SSD drive, i’ll give a test after work. (so far all juce stuff seemed to work fine)

I’m compiling/running juce on Win7 64 with no problems (albeit as a win32 dll), except with some of my own code for semi-transparent child windows that has stopped working, but is still fine on XP. I don’t use drag and drop though.

win7 x64, i can drag and drop files from desktop and the file explorer to my JUCE app.

I made a small demo application for dragging and dropping the file. It is working fine. I built it on windows xp and used it on windows 7.