Multiple drag and drop not working on Windows 7

It seems that performExternalDragDropOfFiles has an issue when attempting to drag multiple files from a JUCE window in Windows 7. I have tested the same piece of code in Windows 10 and it works without any issue. In Windows 7 it does not drag any of the files in the StringArray. Is this a known issue in Windows 7? Is there any other way to drag multiple files from a JUCE window on Windows 7?

Is this using the develop branch? There were some changes a couple of months ago which made drag and drop on Windows asynchronous here that could be an issue. We don’t have any Windows 7 machines to test on so if you try before and after this commit that would help to narrow down the cause.

Hi ed95,

Thank you for the response. I must apologize because in fact, as I continued to debug the issue, I realized that there was a problem with my code and not a bug in JUCE. I have made the fix and things are working perfectly in both Windows 7 and Windows 10. I guess Windows 10 was able to proceed with the operation whereas Windows 7 would not. In any case I appreciate your help!