File > Open... freezes Introjucer and Ctrlr

I've been having an issue with juce based projects on my laptop (debian stretch 32bit).

In both Introjucer and Ctrlr I cannot open the file-browser dialog ('File -> 'Open...' or 'ctrl+o'). the whole program freezes up. screen is no longer drawing the window correctly etc.

This also seems to happen with 'File-> 'Save as ..'

I've tried building Introjucer from source, but this was also broken.


Could this be due to a particular library on the system? I had no problems on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

likely an issue with zenity or kdialog.


I removed zenity and now the file-open dialog works again without crashing the applications!

I believe another way around this issue is the use the JUCE file dialogues rather than system ones. It might be tricky to ask all of your end users to remove Zenity.

see analysis and results this thread