Filebrowser on iOS

Hi, will it be possible to have access to iOS local files, cloud drives etc through this component?

Seems to be very limited folders available. thx

iOS/iPadOS gives you scoped access (

Once you have (and store) your unique bookmark you can use this component to show it. but this might be confusing for a user to first enable the scoped access with Apple’s Files UI just to have it in the juce browser.

hi, thx, for that. So I guess support for that needs adding to JUCE then? seems like a lot of obj-c bridging that needs working on?

I think most of it is already there with the native browser. I don’t have personal Apple paid developer and didn’t have a chance to completely investigate it. The native browser that provides bookmarks needs cloud files entitlements not available for non paid cert.

the native browser, as far as I know, doesn’t just support the same thing as filebrowser though? i.e. you can’t just have a list of files and leave it up and just click through files? when you select a file the browser closes and that info is returned to the user… so the model is different…?

I’d suggest you try it out yourself :slightly_smiling_face:
what I’ve mean (late night yesterday), is that:

  1. only the native iOS browser can give you URLs for paths outside your app.

  2. since JUCE hides the iOS SDK it simply means the returned URLs are exclusive for your app (scoped). so you should take care of that.

  3. For full access (eg iCloud Drive and other clients) you need a paid developer with iCloud Permissions checked in projucer.

Once you’ve received your scoped URL you can access it from the JUCE browser as far as I know. without knowing the context it means the user would need to first select the folder to be available from the native browser.

I’d suggest you’ll read here as it’s related to the fun of iOS sandboxing and files :slight_smile: