I’ve just got a new Mac with an M1 chip and Monterey and have downloaded the latest stable JUCE. My little JUCE program builds and runs with one quibble. The native FileChooser has a large blank area (50mm tall) under the rows of files you can choose. The old version of JUCE does not have this problem.

None of this stops it working, it just doesn’t look very nice and you have to resize the window to be able to use it properly.

Hope this information is useful.

Best regards

Can you include a screenshot or a sample of the code? If you have to resize it then maybe you are not correctly setting the scale, if it has been changed since

When I engage brain and investigate a bit further, it becomes clear that the blank space is space reserved for a preview of the file. I didn’t initially realise this because previously JUCE didn’t do native previews and because I just double clicked on a file I could see so a preview was never displayed.

The other thing that mislead me is that previews, where they occur at all on MacOs seem to be to the right rather than under the list of files. Probably the easiest answer for me is to stop asking for a preview.

Thank for your help anyway.