FileBrowserComponent select multiple files

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to create a file chooser for my playlist, but I can only choose one file at a time.

I have also tried using canSelectMultipleItems, but then the selection actually doesn’t work.

       auto fileChooserFlags = FileBrowserComponent::canSelectFiles;
        fChooser.launchAsync(fileChooserFlags, [this](const FileChooser& chooser)

Any ideas on how I can change this to multiple items selector?

You should use the flag canSelectMultipleItems.

Hi Pierre - Thanks for your response. I have tried changing it and calling both canSelectFiles | canSelectMultipleItems, which seems to allow me to select files instead of just greying out everything. However, it started crashing as soon as I would click “open”.

To fix this it seems like the solution is to call getResults() instead of getResult()!

Thanks tho!