How to select multiple files in FileChooser?

Hi there,

I’m now implementing a function using FileChooser to obtain files.
I could select multiple files in the dialog, but I couldn’t find the way
to get those files information. I could get only one file (last one) using
getResult() method.

Does anyone know how to get those all files?

Best regards,
Masanao Hayashi

mmmh i dunnow :wink: i was asking me the same question… in windows implementation of filechooser you can’t select multiple files…
the answer maybe stick with Phil ?

No, I’ve not got round to adding multiple file support yet, sorry…

when u’ll be integrating something like phil as a standard file chooser dialog for juce ?

I know this will sound impatient but does anyone (though I guess this is aimed at Jules) know when multiple file support is coming???

Or has anyone implemented this themselves? I was going to look into it and then got scared (still learning)

Thanks! :smiley:

It’s not top of my list, but will do this as soon as poss…