Filechooser special character reading problem

Hello folks!

I wrote a program which has a filechooser. When I choose a wav file with special characters in its name (e.g.: ő é ú ű), the printed out filename is some whitespace in the place of those special characters (printed out directly after the chooser.getResults();.
On the computer of my teammate, this thing doesnt happen.

What is the solution?


Can you be more specific about how you’re displaying the filename? Are you printing it to a console window (e.g. with a DBG statement), or are you drawing it in your project’s UI, perhaps with a Label?

If you’re displaying the filename in your UI, perhaps the fonts selected by your system and your teammate’s system are different. You could try including a font that is guaranteed to include these characters as BinaryData in your project, and then use this font to display the filename.

Im displaying it with juce::Logger::writeToLog(), and I neither cant read the file .

Are you and your teammate viewing the log in the same way? That is, using the same IDE/editor on the same platform? The debugger isn’t guaranteed to correctly guess the string encoding, so if you’re using different IDEs then perhaps one is guessing the encoding correctly, whereas the other is not.

Perhaps you could try creating a FileLogger, and then calling Logger::setCurrentLogger to enusre that all messages are sent to the FileLogger. Then, you could try opening the log file in an editor which definitely supports non-ascii encodings.

the file, which i selected with filechooser doesnt exists after I checked it in the return arr.
With: .existsAsFile().
And the return is from: chooser.getResults();

To help me reproduce and diagnose the issue, please can you let me know:

  • The platform you’re using for testing (windows/mac/linux etc.)
  • The kind of dialog you’re using (native/non-native)

Please can you also confirm that you’re testing with the latest develop branch.

oooh no, i used an old version, and found a post from 2020 nov, and that issue was fixed later. Sry.