Text-encoding troubles in Component::filesDropped function


I appeciate this great library.

I report a bug in v1.29, please check this trouble.
For example, when a file named “Japanese KATAKANA Letter A” is dropped, the character in String filenames[] should be the value “30A2” because the juce manages string as Unicode.
But in fact the string is consisted back in 3 characters “E3”, “82” and “A2”.
“Japanese KATAKANA Letter A” is “E382A2” in UTF-8, which is default encoding on Mac OSX.
So characters except Asciis are all garbled.
Windows has the same situation.


Hi there

hmm - yes, looks like in juce_win32_Windowing.cpp, it’s still using the ascii version of DragQueryFile(). For most other calls I’ve changed it to use the unicode version instead, so will update that one too. The Mac’s probably something similar, so will sort it out.

Thanks for the bug!