FileChooserDialogBox and always-on-top-windows

I’m having a bit of a problem with showing file choosers from windows that are always on top. We have a lot of these windows as you’d expect plugin windows to behave on top of the main UI.

However, when we launch a file chooser dialog from a FileChooser, it will appear behind the plugin windows. I think this change in the FileChooserDialogBox constructor would make sense here to make it always on top if other windows are always on top?

    if (parentComp != nullptr)
        parentComp->addAndMakeVisible (this);
    else if (juce_areThereAnyAlwaysOnTopWindows())
        setAlwaysOnTop (true);

I’ve been having the same problems of late…

Is this with the native file browser or juce one?
What is the dialog? Is it an AlertWindow? I thought they were forced to be always on top if there were other on-top Components like in my suggestion…

It’s a native dialogue. And it’s an AlertWindow. The FileBasedDocument manages the FileChooser in this case. It’s kind of frustrating. I will prepare a short demo once I get a chance.

Apologies for the bump, I don’t normally like to do this but I was going through my bug tracker and was reminded this is still open.

Thanks, I’ve added the patch here:

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Perfect. Thanks! :+1: