FileListBoxModel uses hardcoded color ids, cannot be customized with LookAndFeelMethods

Juce 7

void FileListBoxModel::paintListBoxItem(int row_number, Graphics& g,
int width, int height, bool selected) {
g.fillAll(Colour(0xff323232)); // ← HARDCODED COLOR ID!
g.setColour(Colour(0xffdddddd)); // ← HARDCODED COLOR ID!
if (selected) {
g.fillAll(Colour(0xff444444)); // ← HARDCODED COLOR ID!
g.setColour(Colour(0xff03a9f4)); // ← HARDCODED COLOR ID!

5, 0, width, height,
Justification::centredLeft, true);

g.setColour(Colour(0x88000000)); // ← … maybe OK since it’s just high/low lighting …
g.fillRect(0.0f, height - 1.0f, 1.0f * width, 1.0f);

I can’t seem to find a class named FileListBoxModel in the JUCE library…

Is that from a demo or something?

My bad. This is part of another library, not part of JUCE