FileTreeComponent with multiple folders

I'm wondering if this is possible or not, before I start digging into the code... ;-) So, please, let me know.

Currently I use FileTreeComponent to display a folder, but I wish I could select multiple folders to show instead.

EG: presets, sounds, modules, ...


c:\some data folder\sounds

c:\another data folder\modules

And, of course, all sub-folders on each of those.

Right now I can select a folder and all works fine, but the problem is that some folders are not part of the current folder, and I can't move them.

So I wonder if I can do something in the current code to make this work, and how.

Edit: if the current code would follow up on shortcut/alias of folders, I could work with that, but it doesn't seem to do that from the tests I have done.

Edit: I will also check the DirectoryContentsList code that is used to fill the tree, to see if making it follow up on shortcut/alias folders would be possible. I haven't tested the MAC side, but I think it would work, but on Windows it does not work currently.

Edit: teste on the MAC, Alias is not followed up, does not even show up in the list. If there is a way for Shortcuts/Alis to show up and work, please, let me know, is at least a way to make this idea working.

Thanks again!

Darn, I'm trying several things, but so far no luck. Some advice would be much appreciated, thank you guys! :-)

I guess you'd need to create your own DirectoryContentsDisplayComponent that acts like the FileTreeComponent but gets its list from somewhere other than a DirectoryContentsList.

Indeed, thanks bud. It does looks like I will have to create my own component. Thanks anyway. ;-)

To be honest, in the end, it looks like I could just go and use 3 or 4 FileTreeComponent instead, and have those resized and repositioned depending on which roots are open. Is going to be more fun this way too. ;-)

Just one small thing I need to figure out, is to know which tree component is sending the changes to:




I will try some stuff up, any advice is much appreciated... ;-) Thanks again!

+1 for this. I am looking for the same type of functionality.