First JUCE Console App from Introjucer...VS2013 Errors

First time post here as I'm just getting my feet wet with JUCE. Apologize for it being a "Hey, this didn't work!". I didn't see any posts that answered my exact question.


I pulled the master from github this morning and built the Introjucer using VS2013 problems. I ran Introjucer and created a new Console Application. I then created a new VS2013 target in that project. I kept all the default options.


I opened the newly created VS2013 project and attempted to biuld and received the following error:

"error C2871: 'juce' : a namespace with this name does not exist" coming from juceheader.h. I made no modification to the files, changed no project options, etc...this should be as vanilla as it gets.


I then created a blank GUI application using the same process, that builds-up fine.


I also created a VS2010 target in my original (problematic) console app project and opened that in VS2013. VS2013 converted the project files to the latest VS format, and that built-up fine too.


Any thoughts on the problem with the default console application? I'm trying to learn to walk before running and would like to start as simple as it gets with a basic console app.


Thanks in advance.

Hmm. That is strange. This works fine for me.

Try the Introjucer file I posted a few weeks ago -

{Which creates a VS2013 console project which builds / runs fine here}

Thanks Dub. Gave your introjucer file and corresponding main.cpp a try and ran into the same issue.

Perhaps it's a problem with my VS2013 config? I can't think I've done anything to modify it.


Update: I found the error of my ways, it's in my order of operations in the Introjucer. Here's where my problem came from:

  1. Create a new project in introjucer
  2. Delete the first target (Visual Studio 2010 in my case)
  3. Add the new target (VS2013)

​It seems that deleting the first-and-only target caused all the modules to lose their path. Hence my VS2013 project had no idea where to find the JUCE modules.

The workaround for me was to create the VS2013 project first, then delete the VS2010 project. (Not that I *need* to delete the 2010's just the OCD in my talkin...)

OK, yes, each project created needs to configured to know where to find its modules... Also, you ought to check for upates to modules over time (to ensure the modules are up to date).