Trying to get an IntroJucer project to build

Hi again,
So i’m trying to build a VS2010 project i’ve exported from Introjucer. Everything looks find and intellisense doesn’t complain until i build the project(if that means much).
My project is a VST plugin (sorry if this belongs in the audio plugins folder) and i’ve added the paths of the juce and vst directories in the project’s “additional Include directories” field.

Still i get tons of errors. Here are the first 6:

I’ve added a screenshot of my Introjucer setup if anyone wants to look.
I’d appreciate any help. I can’t seem to figure this one out.


The example hello world project builds and runs fine, but the example audio plugin project does not:

No… that’s not the latest code that you’re trying to build.

Looks like you’ve got some mis-matched versions lying around that are getting confused.

maybe it’s because I downloaded the .zip from sourcefoge and then updated the modules in introjucer?

latest git download matched the modules i updated to. everything works now. Thanks

I also ran into this problem. Downloading juce through source forge or from git gave me a version of juce_Label.cpp where Label::settext( ) expected a NotificationType as its second argument.

I was able to solve this by downloading the modules through Introducer. Now Label::settext( ) will accept a boolean argument.

Sorry, I misunderstood and thought the version where Label::settext gets a boolean was the latest version. Downloading the latest version from git seems to work for me.