Introjucer Not Showing VST Folder Option (Mac)


Yesterday I pulled the latest JUCE from git. Rebuilt the Introjucer, changed all the CoreAudio problems and changes to Apple code (thanks for all the posts on that topic), updated paths, and built the AudioPlugin demo and it built.

When I open my .jucer project moved over from PC to Mac. The VST Folder target isn’t showing up.

I have selected the modules needed.

Any ideas?


I decided to just rebuild the project on the mac, and the vst path showed up.


Arrrgghh…I don’t know what is going on. The new project I created with the Introjucer first showed the vst path. I saved and open the project to run in xcode and it failed with the following error…

#include “…/…/…/…/…/modules/juce_audio_basics/juce_audio_basics.h” ----->“file not found”

I noticed that in the introjucer I had the modules “create a local copy” selected. The /modules folder didn’t show up in my project tree like it does in the audioplugin demo. So, I guessed it was a problem with the “create local copy.”

When I reopened the Introjucer my .jucer file no longer has the vst path entry.

Can someone please help me?


Also, if I change something in the introjucer and save the project I get the errors with the namespace. To get that resolved I just replace the jucelibrarycode folder in my project with the one from the audio plugin demo, and that gets resolved.

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the latest Juce (I grabbed from git yesterday).

Jules? Somebody please help…i’ve got a pressing deadline.



When that happens, it’s best to delete whatever you can in the “JuceLibraryCode” folder (specifically the “modules”), reopen the introjucer project, save, and you should win.

Most likely!


Did that and now I’m back to the “using namespace juice;” error.

so, in the introjucer on the preprocessor entry i set "DONT_SET_USING_JUCE_NAMESPACE=1 so that I will use the juce namespace and the juceHeader.h is being found but I’m getting “unknown type name” errors all over the place.


Well, yeah, the errors you’re getting are to be expected with that flag on because you’re using juce library “things”… and they aren’t pre-appended with “juce::”!


void doStuff()
    double valueToRound = 100.04f;

    const int roundedVersion = roundDoubleToInt (valueToRound); //roundDoubleToInt is from JUCE, within the "juce" namespace
void doStuff()
    double valueToRound = 100.04f;

    const int roundedVersion = juce::roundDoubleToInt (valueToRound); //roundDoubleToInt is from JUCE, and so it is now preappended with the namespace


I just rebuilt the demo with the introjucer. I’m just going to see what happens if I build my project from the same level as the “extras” projects.

I might be having path issues and I’m new to Macs.


Your project should be able to exist at the same level as your JUCE repo… also, if you’re still having trouble with the VST stuff not being found, try this:

  • Copy the folder pluginterfaces into the following directory: /usr/include
  • Copy the folder public.sdk into the same directory

(No hassle of setting up the Introjucer project with VST-ness this way)


I put it there and it works. I’ll just leave for now. I’ll have to later figure out the path issues.

Thanks for replies.


:shock: So strange… and no worries!


Btw, if I create a standalone application and enable VST support, Introjucer won’t show the VST path option either.
It only does so with plugin projects for me.

Win7 x64 / VS 2020 + 2012 / latest tip