No JUCE Source-Tree generation after moving Project-Folder


i think there is somewhere a bug in the current introjucer (latest tip)

  • generate a Introjucer Plugin-Project, in a specific Folder
  • move the folder to a different location
  • reopen the Project, then the VST-Folder entry in Introjucer is missing (not blank - its missing!) and it will not generate a juce-source-tree in the project, even if the Location of the jucer library is correct


ok, i found the reason, the local juce folder will not be updated from the absolute one, don’t know its a issue or by design… (if its by design, a warning message would be helpful)

but the vst-entry still missing…


ok, it seems when the relative juce-path is wrong (because of moving), also the vst-folder-option will be disabled, ok, good to know…
the second issue that it lost some flags after moving , can’t reproduce this know, will further investigate…