[fixed] Set CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR for Xcode projects


I want to be able to set CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR aka "Per-configuration Build Products Path" for Xcode projects from Introjucer. 

I've tried Preprocesser definitions, linker and compiler settings but none of those seemed to work - and when I try setting it in "Custom Xcode flags" the project becomes invalid and doesn't load. 

Projucer with current Master Branch deletes Plugin binaries at the custom shell script stage

Custom Xcode flags is the place to put it.

Have a look at the diff when you save the project, to see what it added to the Xcode project file - if it seems to have done the right thing, then maybe the flag itself isn't supported and that's why it says it's invalid?


The setting I need is:


For some reason this breaks the project... Pulled from a default xcode project, works when i enter it into xcode.  

UPDATE: So I realised it needs to be in quotes, i.e: 


There seems be a bug in the exporter however,  where the default value overrides this setting; when I look in the generated pbxproj file I see:


And so in Xcode it still picks up the default. I then have to change it manually to get it to build successfully. 



Actually, I think the right place to put this in the Introjucer is the "Binary location" setting, isn't it?


Ok, thanks for the suggestion, however putting in the value I need causes an invalid project. 

The value is


which is what you get in a default Xcode project (Xcode 7). 

I need this value so that I can build the project with Cocoapod dependencies, so that the dependencies build locations are where Xcode expects them to be. (Or thats how I make sense of it anyway). 


So I’m still hitting this issue, needing to go in and edit this setting in Xcode each time I save the Projucer project for it to complete the linking stage. Any ideas?


Bumping this issue in case its been lost. Would be nice to get this fixed.


Hi @adamski,

I am just changing a few things in the Xcode exporter which may finally fix this bug. Specifically I am now going to use the INSTALL_PATH build setting to tell Xcode where to put the binary, instead of the older DSTROOT/SYMROOT method. Let’s see if it’s going to work.

Sorry for not having replied earlier, it’s not easy to keep track of all the problems reported in this forum…


Goes together with: [fixed] AAX plugins created with 4.2 no longer loadable in ProTools development build - cool to hear, that you are on it…


Yes, the one you linked is the one I am actually working on right now, this here might get fixed as a side effect :wink:


This bug should finally be fixed now. Please update to the newest tip.


Thanks for the update.
Please can you confirm how to set this now - is it in “Custom Xcode Flags” or “Binary Location”?


Binary Location. Which should also now work
with that $(…) Xcode syntax.


Happy to report this is now working. Thanks, another manual build step squashed!