Mac Build Paths?

Did IJ on Mac start setting a custom build path recently?

That seems to break scripts that use the $BUILD_ROOT variable.


Don’t remember changing anything like that, and it doesn’t set the BUILD_ROOT variable. Could it be a new version of Xcode doing things differently?

I haven’t upgraded for a while. But now when I generate a project, it has build path entries - one for debug and one for release, that make a ‘build’ (no caps) folder below my project. The default (which works with $BUILD_ROOT) is in DerivedData for the project.

Maybe it changed a while ago and I missed it?

Selecting the parent item for both paths and hitting delete ‘fixes’ it.


PS - to be clear, it’s the final build destination that has changed. I’m using the $BUILD_ROOT variable (which didn’t change) to find the path to the final executable to copy some libraries into the package. There’s probably a different variable I can use, thinking about it…

OK, still not sure why the path is now being set, but following the path of least resistance, and going with the IJ project version, I can use:


instead of the previous:


And get the same result.

To hijack my own thread: I have one manual change I need to make: I have a build script that needs to go in between compile and link. Currently I use the pre-build script and then move it by hand. Any way to get a ‘Post-Compile/pre-link script’? It’s the time that a package has been created but linking hasn’t started, so moving any libraries (into the Mac package) can be done.


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