FL Studio + VST3 + dynamic linking

It seems that FL Studio (at least on mac) is not happy with VST3s that link (dynamically) to any third party libs.

Generally, I avoid dynamic linking anyway, but had no choice for one project. The plugin works well in all other DAWs I’ve tried, and the AU version works fine in FL Studio.

So, just a weird limitation to note.

Curious if others have noticed this. Also, since dynamic linking is the standard way for windows, I assume this must not be a problem on the windows version. Will try and check and drop an update here.

I make my plugins out of plugins, if that makes sense.
(my plugins dynamically load a bunch of stuff).

No problem so far on mac. You might be experiencing a security problem (not all the executables are signed), or perhaps some are linked against newer version of the OS than you are using? (so they refuse to load)

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That does make sense. It’s basically what I am doing with this plugin. I prefer to link any contributing libraries statically though, and this time it’s dynamic (because thats all I have).

I did replace the signature already (which was needed to get it to notarize and all that), so anyway, I don’t think that is the issue. Again, it works in a bunch of DAWs (ableton, Reaper, Logic), and in FL Studio (as an AU) … however, FL studio ins’t able to scan the VST3 if it links dynamically to another library.

If that is not an issue for you, then it must be something to do with this particular library (tensorflow).