VST3 cannot be run on FL Studio

I recently changed to a new computer and after installing FL Studio I tried to load the VST3 plugin (I used the VST3 plugin for the previous songs), but I found that FL Studio could not display VST3 and there was a question mark on it. I see a number of people who have the same problem. I can’t find a solution at the moment. Does anybody know how to solve this? Thank you very much!

Is your question about a VST3 plugin that you created yourself on your old system? In that case it sounds like the plugin could miss a dependency which refuses it from starting. If you are on Windows, this could be a dynamically linked Visual C++ Runtime library, which won‘t be present on a system by default that has no developer tools installed. Or it could be any other third party library that you dynamically linked against.

The obvious fix to those issues is either installing the required dependencies or re-building the plugin with statically linked versions of the library.

But it can be a lot of other problems. Maybe you want to share some more information about that plugin project (Projucer or CMake-based? Which operating system) and if you tried to do some common diagnose steps like running it in pluginval, any other host than FL studio, attaching a debugger at startup etc.?

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