Flash in Juce - help

I decided to take a crack at writing a component for juce that is capable of displaying Adobe Flash files in juce. It uses ActiveX, so this only works under windows (for now anyway). I am able to instantiate the appropriate objects and even load a .SWF file, but it does not render properly. I know it’s working because I’m able to click on buttons in the flash movie and hear sound (and see the flash menus when I right-click), but the component renders as a solid color.

If anyone wants to give it a shot, my code is here:

Grab my current code at:


This is what the code looks like:

void FlashComponent::createControlIfNeeded()
bool _isCreated = isControlCreated();
bool _isShowing = isShowing();
if(_isShowing && !_isCreated)

	const IID swfIID = __uuidof(ShockwaveFlashObjects::ShockwaveFlash);

	if (createControl( &swfIID )) 
		const IID swf_intIID = __uuidof(ShockwaveFlashObjects::IShockwaveFlash);
        flashInterface = (ShockwaveFlashObjects::IShockwaveFlash*)queryInterface ( &swf_intIID );


			IViewObjectEx*    view=0; 
			flashInterface->QueryInterface(__uuidof(IViewObjectEx),(void **)&view);


			flashInterface->LoadMovie(0, L"file://f:/flash/VideoPlayer.swf");


			long ver = (flashInterface->FlashVersion() & 0x00FF0000) / 65536;



Once this is fixed, it should be possible to write code that can call functions in the flash code and receieve calls back also…

just noticed that someone already encountered this issue: