Jules, I need your help!

I create new class JucerActiveComponent for play swf files. The methods of class return to me - the file is playing, but the screen is not refresh!
I understood week, I can not find a mistake!
Can I send you my project to e-mail?

Ok, I’ll take a look if you like.

I sent e-mail!

I don’t know - it looks fine and the flash player is definitely working because its menu pops up if you click it. Maybe there’s something else that needs to be called to make it draw? Other activeX comps repaint correctly so it must be something quirky about this one.

For ActiveX need call only LoadMovie. ( successfully work in wxWidgets )

[quote]Maybe there’s something else that needs to be called to make it draw?
“ActiveXControlComponent::paint(g);” is not enough?

paint() doesn’t draw it, it draws itself into its own sub-window. I meant that maybe there’s some other set-up you need to do to it.

In ActiveXControlComponent::createControl you use class ActiveXControlData with IStorage, but flash ActiveX (FlDbg9c.ocx) do not have this interface(it have IPersistStorage). Maybe problem in this interface?

Maybe, though I’d have thought that IPersistStorage is just a subclass of IStorage, isn’t it?

ever solve this issue? I was attempting the same thing and had the same problem…

Sorry, I’ve not looked into it since this post…

Could this be of any help?

It looks like it requires a call to either EnforceLocalSecurity() or DisableLocalSecurity() before you load any media.

Thanks Jules!

I just had another quick look at this, and am completely stumped - it looks like everything’s loaded correctly, but it just doesn’t draw anything…