Flicker in Apple Hosts while changing plugin size


Hi together

First i want thank jules for his great work. This framework rocks! Its how a c++ framework should be in 2010. To bad that the VST 3 SDK still looks like 1980. I’m sorry, but i had to say that…
Now to the small issue i’m having. Made a plugin with a modular GUI that changes his size if the user closes or open tabs (Accordeon Tabs). It works really great on a lot hosts(PC and Mac) i tested it with (Live, cubase, FL, Reaper, DSP Quattro X, MiniHost), just Apples hosts(AuLab, Garage Band , Logic 8 ) make the plugin flicker while it changes his size and redrawing itself. I also use this->setBufferedToImage(true); and all tabs are first painted to a sub component with a fix size which is the maximal size the plugin can have. The plugin background is a png picture. I tried different ways without success in Apples hosts.
Its not a big problem and maybe there isnt a solution for this. I’m just interested if anyone else have made the same expirience and maybe have a solution for this?


Thanks Patrick! It’s probably just the fact that the host windows are shuffling backwards/forwards or even something that the host is doing to repaint itself, it won’t be anything to do with the actual painting code. Don’t really think there’s much I could do about it…


Thanks for the answer. I thought about something like this. It really looks as the host first paints an empty plugin window while repainting itself.