Float array to AudioSampleBuffer

Thanks again everyone for all the masses of help lately with getting me on my feet.  Still a long way to go, but feels like it's all coming together quite well now.  So cheers for that!  :D

so now i have this 100sample long table of noise, which i am just creating as a private variable in my MainContentComponent, like this:

    const float noiseArray[100] = 
    {0.582156, 0.967879, 0.967879, ......(snip snip)......., -0.442867, -0.54287, -0.628586};

and i want to use that as an AudioSampleBuffer, and it seems there is a constructor that does that:

AudioSampleBuffer (float *const *dataToReferTo, int numChannels, int numSamples) noexcept

but...i can't figure out the syntax.  I know it's another failure to understand basic pointer usage, but please help?



This is what I do in these cases:

float* data[1] = {noiseArray};
AudioSampleBuffer buffer(data, 1, 100);

You’d need to declate noiseArray as float instead of const float. Maybe it’d work if you use a const AudioSampleBuffer.

thanks, that does seem to compile at least.

although, there's still soemthing wrong with the way i'm doing it, and i get exec bad access errors.
here's what my private variables look like:

    AudioSampleBuffer noiseBuffer;

    float noiseArray[100] =
    {0.582156, 0.967879, 0.967879, ... ....-0.442867, -0.54287, -0.628586};

    float* noisePointer[1] = {noiseArray};

and then i am initializing my component like this:

MainContentComponent() : noiseBuffer(noisePointer, 1, 100)



edit:  and the jassert i get is:

        // you have to pass in the same number of valid pointers as numChannels

arghh!! i got it...finally!

i was declaring my noiseBuffer BEFORE declaring and defining the float array. 


a wasted morning perhaps...or maybe a good lesson to remember that execution order does matter!