Audio Buffers and arrays in Juce

Hello Juce Community,

I am a Juce beginner and I am trying to make a basic audio application. But for this I want to understand a few things…

How could I make an array of pointers to the audio data from a file (i.e wav file) ? I see that to create an audio buffer it needs “a pre-allocated array containing pointers to the data for each channel that should be used by this buffer”.
How do I get the pointers to the date from each channel?

There’s more than one constructor for an AudioSampleBuffer - you don’t have to supply an array for it.

I see. So it’s possible to create the AudioSampleBuffer specifying the number of channels and the number of samples. But how can I make the buffer fill itself with the audio data in a wavfile to then at some point refer to the audio data in the buffer in another function…? IS there a function or class I can use to extract the audio data to the buffer?