Loading a sound file into a buffer?

I was wondering if any one has any examples or give me some tips on how I can open a regular wav sound file (relatively short) and store its sample values in a array(to use later for processing). Also, if there is a way to find the number of samples in the loaded file, Thanks in advance!..

Mhh. i dot want to write a tutorial ,but in general its kind of easy.

quick and dirty example:

	FileChooser fc("");//makes a filechooser gui object
	if(fc.browseForFileToOpen())	//show the filechooser dialog
		//registers wav and aif format (just nescearry one time if you alays use the "getInstance()" method)
		AudioFormatReader* reader AudioFormatManager::getInstance()->createReaderFor(fc.getResult());
		//creates a reader for the result file (may file, if the result/opened file is no wav or aif)
		if(reader) //if a reader got created
			/*-->put your array in here! :) <--*/

instead of using an array, i’d look into the AudioSampleBuffer
or AudioSourceChannelInfo classes and gerally into the AudioSource concept. it’s nice and flexible :slight_smile:



very nice :slight_smile: Thank you!