Flutter + Juce app 90% ready, need help


I’m looking for someone to help to finish up the app for me. The project is about 4 years old and my developer was migrating all the things over to juice from Android Oboe since we discovered this library. The app is written in flutter and flutter talks directly to juice lib that does pretty much all we need it to do.

The android is about 95% done, we had the oboe build all tested in and out working well before switching over to juce. The IOS has some room to improve but again, cause for the most app features we are using juce - it’s almost ready to go production too!

I myself am a developer with a novice understanding of flutter and a few published Android apps. :slight_smile: I worked in the big data world most of my working career.

This November it’s going to be a birthday for the project and I have a physical product we are going to lunch, but the app has to be finished.

Thank you,

PS I’m using upwork to work with freelancers so if we were to work together I’d send you the link to upwork job post and we start from there.