Fonts not working when loaded from BinaryData

I’ve added an OTF file to the projucer which has been automatically added to the BinaryData namespace.

I’m now trying to use that font like so:

Font font(Typeface::createSystemTypefaceFor(BinaryData::MontserratRegular_otf,

g.drawText("12345", getLocalBounds(), Justification::centred, true);

However the font is displayed wrong, as shown below:

The font should look like this (using paint.NET):

I’ve also installed the font to my OS and it does work if I instead use

Font font("Montserrat", 25.f, Font::plain);

But I can’t rely on my users having the font installed!

Have I done something wrong or is there something odd going on?

This also happens with the other font I use - Open Sans (also in OTF format).

I decided to try instead the TTF formats of both fonts and it turns out the TTF versions do indeed work.

This fixes my issue - I can just swap to TTF - but maybe there’s still an issue with OTF fonts?

I tried with a few other random OTF fonts and they all seemed to work fine - I also re-downloaded the latest versions of the OTF formats for Montserrat and Open Sans but still neither of them work!