Forum down-time


Thanks for all emailing me to say the forum was down… I couldn’t get your emails either, because the whole webserver had some kind of total hard-disk FAIL, and the hosting providers have had to restore from an old backup, so losing a day or two of content.

By an unbelievable coincidence, I was up until 1am yesterday doing a whole bunch of work on the site - updating the forum to the latest phpbb version, installing Mediawiki, installing mods to integrate it with the forum, etc, and then I spent all of this morning creating some wiki entries. Then I posted a message to say “hey guys, try the new wiki!” and minutes later, it was all wiped out… :twisted:


D’oh! That sucks.

I did a “manual restore” of the last thread I was involved in. Fortunately, all the important information (i.e. your code updates) were preserved.

Sean Costello