New forum location

Welcome to the new home for the Juce forum!

Many thanks to valley for hosting the forum up until now, but it’s finally made it over to the official Raw Material Software site!

The move seems to have gone quite smoothly, but let me know about any teething problems you might have with your accounts following the move.


is a bit slower than valley server, isn’t it ?

hope not! I pay good money for this site! Seems about the same to me, though I’m 3000 miles away and have a crap internet connection.

i can migrate to this one and forget adbe definately ?

I think so - no point having 2 forums running.

ok… tell the people that are posting on the other to migrate as well…

I’m gonna set up a redirect later today.

nice… anyway i’m experiencing slower loading times when browsing long topics with lot of posts take even 20 seconds to load ! (on valley site was something like 3 or 5 seconds)…

hmm - well not really anything I can do about that. The hosting company don’t restrict the bandwidth or anything, so I guess it’s just busy…

oh. now is lot better. i think it was busy too. don’t mind :roll:

Hmm… it looks like a few posts were lost in the move, oh well, I hadn’t really said anything important.

Looks nice, new header was definitely the first indication of something different. :slight_smile: