Slower Forum?

Is it just me, or is the forum slower since the JUCE 4 update of the homepage?

It takes longer to load a topic and to navigate. There is a small lag every time, which was not there before. Is anyone else experiencing the same?


-- Firefox on Win7 --

No change for me, it's always been a tiny bit laggy. I put it down to being at the other end of the earth :)

I've seen the slowdown as well. Today seem to be rather okay though.

I suppose the recent release of JUCE4 incraesed the traffic some.

Yes it is also very slow here (from The Netherlands). I am guessing it is Drupal in combination with an unoptimized MySQL devil

Yes, we've noticed it too and will improve this as soon as possible. Please be patient as we're mostly working on the Summit this week. 


How many? one, two? :)

An infinite number!