Juce.com Not Resolving Properly

http://www.juce.com is not resolving properly for me, it takes me to a landing page on 123-reg.co.uk.
http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com is working fine.

Yes, I know! New website coming shortly…


Jules you can’t tease us like this!!!

There aren’t any amazing hidden secrets, I’m afraid! I’ve finally got around to replacing this crusty old site, and will be switching-on the first phase today/tomorrow.

The plan is to fire-up the new Drupal site at juce.com, but to leave the old forum here on rawmaterialsoftware.com for the moment… then in a few weeks, we’ll migrate everything (including all the old forum content + users) over to an all-new drupal forum, and rawmaterialsoftware.com will just redirect to juce.com

Apart from looking a bit less like the 1990s, using drupal will finally make it easy for me to update the content, which was almost impossible in the old system. Might even be able to start a blog on there too.

Juce.com Lives!! Nice!

Congratulation! juce.com looks great!