Off topic and I apologize if it is inappropriate.


What is this Forums made of?  I would like to have it on my Gigabit Gecko site.

Not inappropriate at all!

I forwarded this question to our awesome web developers here at ROLI, I'm sure one of them will post the answer soon.

Hey Lonnie!

I'm Louis, one of the web developers at ROLI.


The JUCE forum is a Drupal forum utilising the "Advanced Forum" plugin. It's a good choice, especially if you already have a Drupal website.

As you don't seem to be using Drupal, perhaps check out Discourse. It's free to use, open source, and quite popular.

DigitalOcean are a good cloud server provider that I've used both personally and professionally in the past, and they offer a one click Discourse install that will work on one of their small $5 USD per month servers.

If you poke about online you can probably find a referral link that gives you $10 USD credit so you can try it out for free.

There may be a similar service for Drupal, but I've not used any.


Hope that helps!


you might check out as they offer free forums as well, and i think their forum software is much better than what is used here.   here, you can't even pull up a list of threads you started or commented on when you check your profile, something every other forum lets you do.  

I am quite impressed with Discourse and will set up a demo during some free time.

Thanks for taking the time to answer me.