FR: add iOS as target for Plugin Host project in juce/examples/audio plugin host


Now that Audio Units are slowly becoming a thing on iOS - it would be very helpful to have the Plugin Host demo project updated in juce/examples/audio plugin host for those developers who would like to incorporate AU hosting in their iOS JUCE music apps.

In addition for those here not so familiar with all the latest C++11/17. developments it would be very educational to have more example projects- in JUCE which demonstrate best modern coding practices.

Plus… for any ROLI projects where it won’t be commercially damaging - why not open-source some of the best examples of how ROLI programmers write their JUCE apps ?

Such projects - as of the current JUCE examples are so very useful for learning how best use the framework.

Even parts of older versions of TRACKTION ! - why not ! :slight_smile:


The audio host demo already “works” on iOS - although it’s a bit hard to use with my fat fingers. Just add the iOS target. You may also want to add setFullScreen (true) just after MainHostWindow.cpp:52, otherwise the menu bar will not fit on the screen on smaller iOS devices.

Adding a usable host with mobile UI/UX is definitely on our backlog.